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They LOPs-cab, doors and plaster Manufacture of LOPs over six years of experience in the field of manufacturing lift LOPs with the manufacture, sale and implementation issues are serving in...

  • Kuars Elevator

    Elevator buttons, the elevator tray LOPs and quality in manufacturing...
  • Elevator Cards

    LCD cabinet and floor boards, overload cards, floor tape floor, dot matrix cards...
  • Elevator Books

    Camping tapes, cassettes above the elevator door manufacturing, floor tape, cassette flush...
  • Elevator Buttons

    Stainless steel aesthetic, ergonomic economic...
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    Cabin interior, surface and flush door manufacturing lift LOPs...
  • Lift Cabinets Books

    Modern, stylish elevator car manufacture and sale of cassettes.
  • Above the door of Tray

    Above the door of the elevator manufacture and sale of cassettes...

Elevator Buttons

With the manufacture of floor buttons inside of the cabin and the rich variety of designs and products. Our manufactured from stainless steel elevator buttons ergonomics, aesthetics and features are not economic.

Elevator Lops

Quartz Lift, lift the tray and is engaged in manufacture and sale of LOPs

Button Cards

Button Card Manufacture

Kuars Elevator, button card manufacturing, sales, and serves on the application.

  • alphanumeric lcd cabinet cards
  • alphanumeric lcd cabinet cards
  • excessive load card
  • doublet card display floor tape