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Elevator Buttons Cards

Kuars Elevator, elevator buttons card applications in the manufacture and sale offers products and services to customers.

We manufacture and sell some cards; Alphanumeric LCD cab, Overload Card, Double cab display card, the fan board, Cabin display card, cabinet display boards, floor display cards, passwords, cards, card holders Center and Akbil Switch, Overload Camping display card, dot matrix cards, dual display floor card tray, tray card, etc. Surface double floor.

The technical drawings and wiring diagrams Card Technical Documents can be reached from the link.


Card holders and card holders Key Center

Alphanumeric LCD cabin

Overload Card

Double cab display card

Fan card

Camping display card

Dot matrix


Camping display card Overload

Alphanumeric LCD floor

Dual display floor tray card

Floor display card tray


Surface double fold card tray

Surface-mounted floor display card