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About Us

Kuars Elevator, elevator fixtures, construction, elevator buttons manufacturing, elevator cab tray, door top tray manufacturing, floor tape manufacture and sale of years of experience in the original design choices were plentiful and various product options with your esteemed customers and the country's largest industry is one of the elevator industry serves.

Kuars, Since it was founded with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, product and service offers. LOPs button next to the elevator buttons and the elevator tray manufacturing failures and maintenance services provide maintenance and repair.


Istanbul Ataşehir specialize in the installation of our facilities, our staff abreast of technological innovations in the production infrastructure, production concept in the world of standards and documents held by the institutions concerned with control buttons to fulfill your needs and we all lift LOPs.



Why Kuars?

Quality products, quality service, global marketing in the understanding of the production, manufacture and management approach, economic pricing policy, product variety, every venue and an appropriate design options, friendly and expert staff QUARTZ lift to choose some reason ...